Business Card Printing Statistics

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Business Card StatisticsData
Annual US business card printing industry revenue$798,600,000
Number of business cards printed daily27,397,260
Number of business cards printed in the U.S. annually10,000,000,000
Company sales increase for every 2,000 cards passed out2.5 %
Percent of business cards handed out that will be thrown out in less than a week88 %
Reason given for throwing out business card
Don’t need service provided by card giver63 %
Don’t want to do business with specific card giver24 %
Added information into digital contact list9 %
Other4 %
Prospective clients hold on to a color card 10 times longer than a standard white card
Opinions Poll on Business CardsYesNo
Survey conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute online from 842 working professional respondents
Do you judge a company of person by the quality of their business card?72 %28 %
Would you choose not to do business with someone if they have a "cheap looking" business card?39 %61 %
Is a color business card more memorable to you than a plain white card?78 %22 %
Would you pay more for nicer looking business cards even if it didn’t bring you more business?41 %59 %
Do you feel that having business cards is essential to your business?57 %43 %
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Statistic Brain Research Institute, CNN, BusinesscardABC, Freelance Folder
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: May 4, 2017

Business Card Printing Statistics

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