Breakfast Eating Statistics

Breakfast Statistics Data
Percent of Americans who eat breakfast every day 44 %
Percent of breakfast skippers who are obese 22 %
Percent of Americans who believe breakfast is the most important meal 93 %
Percent of breakfast meals that include eggs 12 %
Percent of children who eat sweetened cereal for 1 or more breakfasts a week 73 %
Percent of parents who eat breakfast with their children 79 %
Percent of school children who eat breakfast regularly 80 %
of those, Percent who ate breakfast at home 59 %
of those, Percent who ate breakfast at school 31 %
of those, Percent who ate food from a local store 18 %
Percent of fast food sales that are breakfast meals 21 %

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Source: USDA, Food and Agricultural Organization
Research Date: March 17th, 2015

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