Boy Scout Statistics

Boy Scout Statistics
Total number of boy scout members since 1910 104 million
Total number of Eagle Scout badges earned 40,029
Total number of individual scouts who earned heroism award 240
Boy Scouts in High School Statistics
Total percentage of senior class presidents that were boy scouts 89%
Total percentage of junior class presidents that were scouts 80%
Total percentage of Student Council Presidents that were scouts 85%
Total percentage of football captains that were scouts 71%
Total percentage of basketball captains that were scouts 64%
Total percentage of school newspaper editors that were scouts 88%
Percentage of Armed Forces that were Boy Scouts Statistics
Accomplishment Percentage
Total percentage of Air Force graduates 64%
Total percentage of West Point graduates 58%
Total percentage of Annapolis graduates 70%
Total percentage of Rhodes Scholars 72%
Total percentage of FBI agents 85%
Total percentage of the 29 U.S. astronaut 26%
For Every 100 Boy scout Statistics
Total that will receive first church contact 12
Total that will receive church religious emblems 5
Total number that will enter the clergy due to his Scouting relationships 1
Total number that will develop a hobby of lifelong interest 18
Total number that will find their future life vocations 8
Total number that will use skills learned to save another life 1
Total number that will get credit for saving their own life due to the scouts 1
Total that will reach Eagle Rank 2
Total number that will grow up to become a Boy Scout Leader 18
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Statistic & Data References
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Date research was conducted: August 1st, 2015