Top Bicycle-Friendly City Rankings

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  City Key Feature
1 Minneapolis, MN 120 Miles of Bike Paths
2 Portland, OR Bike only areas
3 Boulder, CO 120 Miles of Trail
4 Seattle, WA Investing $240 million into paths
5 Eugene, OR Bike Parking, Lit Trails
6 San Francisco, CA Bike friendly mass transit
7 Madison, WI Bike-friendly improvements since 1975
8 New York, NY Greenways, and car-free central park
9 Tucson, AZ 700 Miles of designated bikeways
10 Chicago, IL Bike lanes and valet bike parking
11 Austin, TX Incorporating bike facilities into all new roads
12 Denver, CO Impressive trail system
13 Washington, DC Implemented a bike-sharing program
14 Ann Arbor, MI 5% of gas tax used on bike projects
15 Phoenix/Tempe, AZ Highest % of bike riders in Arizona
16 Gainesville, FL Over 5% of residents commute by bike
17 Albuquerque, NM 300 city-built bike lockers in 23 locations
18 Colorado Springs, CO Constantly adds bike lanes and cycling facilities
19 Salem, OR 60% of roads accommodate cyclists
20 Scottsdale, AZ Invested $10 million in bike facilities
21 Louisville, KY Building 100 mile city bike loop
22 Chattanooga, TN 10 mile path that follows the Tennessee River
23 Long Beach, CA Installed 400 bike racks
24 Cary, NC Residents spent more on cycling than any other city
25 Milwaukee, WI Bike friendly bridges
26 Boston, MA Recently added bike lanes and racks
27 Philadelphia, PA Bike lanes, greenways, diverse cycling community
28 Pittsburgh, PA Citywide bicycle master plan
29 Charleston, SC Began a committee to improve cycling conditions
30 Arlington, VA New cycling transportation policies
31 Sioux Falls, SD Urban trail that circles entire city
32 Boise, ID Has a stop-as-yield law for cyclists
33 Kansas City, MO Holds the annual Tour de Kansas City bike race
34 Columbus, OH Launched a 20 year bike plan
35 Tulsa, OK Rents cruiser bikes for free
36 Grand Rapids, MI Network of multiuse trails
37 Billings, MT New bike facilities construction project
38 St. Louis, MO 73 miles of bike routes
39 Cleveland, OH Launched a bike rental program
40 Greensboro, NC Bicycle education program for all 4th graders
41 Lexington-Fayette, KY Spending $7 million on bike-pedestrian plan
42 Omaha, NE Aggressive trail development
43 Salt Lake City, UT Government website to submit bike route problems
44 Miami, FL New bike lanes and trails in the works
45 Indianapolis, IN 60 mile greenway
46 Fargo, ND 200 miles of bike paths
47 Anchorage, AK Recently drafted a bicycle master plan
48 Baltimore, MD Drafting a cycling act
49 Little Rock, AR Longest bicycle-pedestrian bridge in the world
50 Rochester, NY 300-plus ride-map library
  Top 5 Bike-Friendly Cities under 100,000
1 Davis, CA
2 Corvallis, OR
3 Bellingham, WA
4 Missoula, MT
5 Burlington, VT
  Top 5 Foreign Bike-Friendly Cities
1 Amsterdam
2 Copenhagen
3 Bogota
4 Barcelona
5 Berlin

Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Statistic Brain Research Institute
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: June 16, 2016

Top Bicycle-Friendly City Rankings


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