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BIC Company Statistics

BIC Company Statistics Data
Annual BIC company sales revenue $2.073 Billion
Total number of BIC employees 10,449
Number of BIC lighters sold yearly 1.825 Billion
Number of BIC stationery items sold yearly 8.76 Billion
Number of BIC shavers sold yearly 3.65 Billion
Total number of BIC products 280
Number of countries selling BIC products 160
Number of retail stores selling BIC products 3,200,000
Percent stake in the 800 million US shaver’s market 20 %
Average number of lights you can get from a BIC lighter 3,000
Average number of shaves you can get from a BIC razor 7.5
Statistic & Data References
Sources: BIC World Annual Report
Date research was conducted: December 26th, 2015