BIC Company Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: BIC World Annual Report
Date Verified: 7.31.2012
Société Bic is a company based in Clichy, France, founded in 1945, by Baron Marcel Bich known for making disposable products including lighters, magnets, ballpoint pens, shaving razors and watersports products. The brand’s lighters, being virtually unchanged since 1972, are available in almost every possible color and for their timeless appearance, as well as importance to the popular- culture have made it into Museum Of Modern Art in New York . It competes in most markets against Faber-Castell, Global Gillette, Newell Rubbermaid and Schwan-Stabilo. [3]The Bic pen, more correctly the Bic Cristal, was the company’s first product and 50 years later is still synonymous with the name Bic.
BIC Company StatisticsData
Annual BIC sales revenue$2.073 Billion
Total number of BIC employees9,695
Number of BIC lighters sold yearly1.825 Billion
Number of BIC stationery items sold yearly8.76 Billion
Number of BIC shavers sold yearly3.65 Billion
Total number of BIC products280
Number of countries selling BIC products160
Number of retail stores selling BIC products3,200,000
Percent stake in the 800 million US shaver’s market20 %
Average number of lights you can get from a BIC lighter3,000
Average number of shaves you can get from a BIC razor7.5

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