Beer Industry Statistics
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Source: Beer Institute, Brewers Association
Research Date: February 3rd, 2015

Here are some fascinating statistics on the beer and brewing industry. Ever wonder how many barrels of beer are sold each year? How many gallons of beer does one keg hold?

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Beer Statistics
Total amount of jobs in the Beer Crafting industry100,000
Total amount of barrels of crafted beer sold in 20139,950,000
Total retail dollar value in 2013$7,600,000,000
Total number of beer breweries in operation in 20121,753
Total number of beer breweries in operation in 20131,927
Total amount of gallons in 1 barrel of beer31 gallons
Total amount of pints of beer the U.S. drinks annually50 billion pints
Total average price to buy a beer at a U.S. pub$3.87
Total amount of dollars in beer revenue made each year in U.S.$196 billion
Total GDP of Columbia as a country$196 billion
Total amount out of 25 swimming pools in the U.S. that U.S. drinks every year1 out of 25 swimming pools
Total size in height a keg would have to be to fill with the total amount of beer consumed in the U.S. each year1429 feet tall
Total width of keg to fill with the total amount of beer consumed in the U.S. each year870 feet wide
Total amount of beer cans consumed each year67 billion
Total times you could reach the moon if you stacked all the beer cans consumed in the U.S. each year20 times
Total amount of grain used each year by U.S. brewers6 billion pounds

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