Beef Cattle Production Statistics
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Source: USDA, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association,
Research Date: 11.9.2012
Beef production is the largest single segment of American agriculture. The U.S. beef industry is comprised of more than 1,000,000 businesses, farms and ranches with over 800,000 ranchers and cattle producers in the U.S. The beef producing industry is also a family affair as 98% of cattle farms were family owned with the average herd size being 40 head of cattle.
Beef StatisticsData
U.S. per capita spending on beef in 2009$261.90
Percent of all meat purchases spent on beef47.8 %
Average feedyard cost per cattle head$494
Top Cattle Producing States (Including Dairy Cows)Percent of U.S. Cattle
Texas14.3 %
Kansas6.9 %
Nebraska6.8 %
California5.6 %
Oklahoma5.6 %
Missouri4.5 %
Iowa4.1 %
South Dakota3.8 %
Wisconsin3.5 %
Colorado2.8 %
Top Markets for U.S. Beef Exports (2011)Value
South Korea$661,000,000
Top Beef Producing CountriesPercent of Production
United States25 %
Brazil20 %
Europe (27)17 %
China12 %
Argentina6 %
India6 %
Australia4 %
Mexico4 %
Russia3 %
Pakistan3 %
Retail Equivalent Value of U.S. Beef IndustryValue
Total U.S. Beef ConsumptionPounds
201125,600,000,000 lbs
200527,800,000,000 lbs
200227,900,000,000 lbs
Value of U.S. Cattle and Calf ProductionValue
U.S. Beef Production (Commercial Carcass Weight)Pounds
201126,290,000,000 lbs
200524,680,000,000 lbs
200227,090,000,000 lbs
U.S. Beef Exports as Percent of ProductionPercent
201110.6 %
20052.8 %
20019 %
U.S. Commercial SlaughterHead of Cattle
Cattle InventoryHead of Cattle
Jan 1, 201290,800,000
Jan 1, 201192,700,000
Jan 1, 200696,300,000
Jan 1, 200396,100,000
Jan 1, 1996103,500,000

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