Bar Exam Statistics
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Source: Board of Law Examiners, American Bar Association
Research Date: September 8th, 2014

In the United States, this procedure is administered by the individual U.S. states. In general, a candidate must graduate from a qualified law school and pass a written test: the bar examination. Nearly all states use the Multistate Bar Examination, usually with additions for that state's laws. The candidate is then admitted to the bar. A lawyer whose license to practice law is revoked is said to be disbarred.

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Bar Exam StatisticsData
Average number of people who pass the bar exam each year55,200
Total number of licensed lawyers / attorneys nationwide 1,268,011
Average price fee for taking the Bar Exam$300
Average pass rate of the Bar Exam76.5 %
National average Bar Exam score1,380
Median Lawyer / Attorney salary nationwide$113,530
Average lowest paid attorney salary$54,310
States Ranked by Passing RatePassing Rate
Montana89 %
Wisconsin89 %
Missouri87 %
Iowa87 %
Minnesota86 %
New Hampshire84 %
Oklahoma84 %
Illinois84 %
Kansas84 %
New Mexico84 %
Maine84 %
Nebraska81 %
Massachusetts80 %
Mississippi79 %
North Dakota78 %
Ohio78 %
Kentucky77 %
Georgia77 %
Texas77 %
Michigan77 %
Pennsylvania76 %
Indiana76 %
New Jersey76 %
Connecticut75 %
Arizona74 %
Colorado74 %
Maryland72 %
Virginia71 %
Wyoming70 %
Washington70 %
Florida69 %
Oregon69 %
North Carolina69 %
Oklahoma68 %
West Virginia68 %
Vermont68 %
Alaska67 %
Alabama66 %
New York66 %
Louisiana64 %
Washington DC46 %
California41 %
Highest Paying Cities for LawyersAverage Salary
San Jose, California$184,770
Dothan, Alabama$174,730
San Francisco, California$174,440
Danbury, Connecticut$172,590
New York City, New York$165,660

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