Missionary Statistics
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Source: Gil Anger, Statistic Brain Research Institute
Research Date: January 13th, 2015

Christian missionaries have been around since the earliest recorded writings of the New Testament. Traditionally the word missionary was associated with the Christian faith but has grown to include people of all faiths who travel to a foreign country for the purpose of spreading religion or helping those in need.

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Christian Missionary Statistics Data
Total number of foreign missionaries 419,000
Number of countries that do no allow missionaries 26
Number of people who have never been evangelized to 1.629 Billion
Average cost in Christian outreach for each newly baptized person $330,000
Amount spent annually on Christian foreign missionary work $250,000,000
Top Five Most Evangelized Nations by Baptist Missionaries Missionaries
Brazil 253
Mexico 206
United Kingdom 112
Philippines 118
Canada 104
Baptist Missionary Statistics Baptist Missionaries
Africa 401
America’s (Not US) 1,071
Asia / Pacific 565
Europe 728
Middle East 14
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