Bank of America Company Statistics

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Source: Bank of America
Research Date: 3.12.2014
Bank of America Statistics
Fortune 500 Rank 9
Total Number of Employees 284,000
Total Number of Banking Centers 5,900
Total Number of ATM’s 18,000
Total Percent of all Bank Deposits 12.2%
Total States Operating In 50
Total Number of non-U.S. countries operating in 40
Total Annual Revenue $150 billion
Average Bank of America Salary
Teller – Hourly $11.23/hr
Personal Banker $34,646
Consultant Applications Programming $93,109
Sales & Service Specialist $28,949
Teller Operations Specialist $32,998
Vice President $109,072
Teller $21,591
Banking Center Manager $55,584
Senior Teller – Hourly $12.16/hr
Assistant Vice president $90,165

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Date research was conducted: August 19, 2016

Bank of America Company Statistics

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