Bain Capital Company Statistics
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Source: Walstreet Journal, Bain Capital Investment Prospectus
Research Date: 9.23.2012
Bain Capital is an investment firm located in Boston, Massachusetts. Co-founed by Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 1984. Bain Capital has invested in and purchased numerous notable U.S. companies over the past decade.
Bain Capital Investment StatisticsData
Year Founded1984
Total Assets$66,000,000,000
Initial Investment Funding Raised$37,000,000
FundVintage YearCommitted Capital ($m)
Bain Capital Fund IV1993$300
Bain Capital Fund V1995$500
Bain Capital Fund VI1998$1,400
Bain Capital Fund VII2000$3,117
Bain Capital Fund VIII2004$4,250
Bain Capital Fund VIII-E (Europe)2004$1,015
Bain Capital Fund IX2006$10,000
Bain Capital Europe III2008€ 3,500
Bain Capital Asia2008$1,000
Bain Capital Fund X2008$11,800
Bain Capital Asia II2011$2,000
FundVintage YearCommitted Capital ($m)
Bain Capital Venture Fund2001$250
Bain Capital Venture Partners 20052005$250
Bain Capital Venture Partners 20072007$500
Bain Capital Venture Partners 20092009$525
Bain Capital Venture Partners 20122012$600
The following is a select list of companies Bain Capital has funded or purchased
Invested CompanyYearInvestment / PurchaseOutcome / Current StateGain on Investment
Staples Inc.1986$4.5 millionWent Public$157.5 million
Calumet Coach1986$1 millionOperating$34 million
Sports Authority1987Operating
Stage Stores1988$9.6 millionBankrupt$174.8 million
Gartner Group1988Operating
Ampad1992$5.1 millionBankrupt$102.1 million
Steel Dynamics1994$18.3 millionBankrupt$85.5 million
Physio-Control1994$478 millionWent Public$168.4 million
Totes / Isotoner1994Operating
Wesley Jessen VisionCare1994$6.4 millionWent Public$301.8 million
Dade Behring1994$30.5 millionBankrupt$186.1 million
Waters Scientific Equipment1994$26.6 millionWent Public$177.9 million
DDi Corp1996$40.6 millionWent Public$116.7 million
Experian1996$87.6 millionSold$164.4 million
Sealy Corporation1997Sold
Seat SpA1997$17.1 millionSold$372.6 million
Alliance Laundry Systems1997Bankrupt
Domino’s Pizza1998Operating
Artisan Entertainment1999Merged w Lions Gate Film
AMC Entertainment2000Operating
Datek2001$700 millionMerged with Ameritrade
Double Click2001Sold
KB Toys2001$305 millionBankrupt
Burger King2002$1.5 billionOperating
Houghton Mifflin Company2002$1.28 billionOperating
Warner Music Group2003Operating
Bombardier Inc2003
Toys ‘R’ Us2004$6.6 billionOperating
Taleo Corporation2004Operating
Dollarama2004$1.05 billion
Brenntag Group2004Sold
SunGard2005$11.3 billion
Dunkin’ Brands2005$2.425 billionOperating
Philips2006$8 billionOperating
Burlington Coat Factory2006$2 billion
Michaels Stores2006$6 billion
Hospital Corporation of America2006$31.6 billionOperating
Sensata Technologies2006$3 billion
Aspen Education Group2006$300 millionOperating
HD Supply2007$10.3 billionOperating
Guitar Center2007$1.9 billionOperating
Edcon Limited2007$3.5 billion
Bavaria Yachtbau2007$2 billion
Clear Channel Communications2008
D&M Holdings2008$442 million
Weather Channel2008Operating
Landmark Communications2008
GOME Electrical Appliances2009$432 million
Styron2010$1.6 billionOperating
Gymboree2010$1.8 billion
Securities Direct AB2011

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