Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: Google Insights, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Cosmopolitan,,
Research Date: 7.7.2014
Bachelor / Bachelorette Party StatisticsData
Percent of Las Vegas visitors that are visiting for a bachelor(ette) party35 %
Data taken from an online survey of 341,204 married men and women ages (21-35)
Percent of people who said the bride-to-be should have no say in planning her groom’s bachelor party75 %
Percent of Bachelor parties that involve exotic dancers47 %
Percent of Bachelorette parties that involve exotic dancers18 %
Percent of men who admitted to a one-night stand on their bachelor party night1.2 %
Percent of women who admitted to a one-night stand on their bachelorette party night2.6 %
Percent of Bachelors who received a sex toy as a gift58 %
Percent of Bachelorettes who received a sex toy as a gift72 %
Broken Engagement Statistics 
Percent of marriage licenses issued that are never exchanged for a marriage certificate4.1 %
Percent of engagements that are called off20 %
Top Google Searches for Bachelorette parties 
Bachelorette Game Ideas43 %
Bachelorette Male Entertainment26 %
Bachelorette Party Invitations22%
Top Google Searches for Bachelor parties 
Bachelore Female Entertainment58 %
Bachelore Party Locations31 %
Bachelore Party Entertainment20 %
Top Ten Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Destinations
Locations ranked by proximity to U.S., expense, and number of nightclubs and bars
1Las Vegas, Nevada
2Montreal, Quebec, Canada
3South Beach, Florida
4Chicago, Illinois
5Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
6New Orleans, Louisiana
7Manhattan, New York
8Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
9Scottsdale, Arizona
10Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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