Attractive People Success Statistics
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Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Smart Money, Princeton University
Research Date: April 27th, 2015

Questions: Statistics on attractive people's success? Are attractive people more successful? Why are attractive people more successful? Statistics on beautiful people/ Beauty pays, why attractive people are more successful?

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Attractive People Success StatisticsData
Percent chance an attractive person will receive a callback after an interview72.32 %
Percent chance an unattractive person will receive a callback after an interview62.02 %
Percent more that attractive workers earn than unattractive10 %
Average lifetime earning difference$230,000
Average salary for people with low self-esteem$50,323
Average salary for people with high self-esteem$78,927
Average salary for someone who was 6’0" at age 18$51,880
Average salary for someone who was 5’1" at age 18$40,000
Percent of salary increase with each standard deviation increase in facial symmetry8%
Salary by Average WeightMenWomen
70 lbs under average weight$35,000$62,000
30 lbs under average weight$46,000$49,000
Average weight$52,000$40,000
30 lbs over average weight$59,000$32,500
70 lbs over average weight$67,000$21,500
Perceived competence of women who wear makeup
No Makeup3.
Natural Makeup3.
Glamorous Makeup4.

<em>The above was psychological test where participants were shown faces for .25 seconds and asked to rate them using a 7-point scale ranging from &quot;not at all&quot; to &quot;highly/extremely&quot;</em>

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