AT&T Company Statistics

AT&T Statistics
Annual revenue $132,447,000,000
Fortune 500 Rank 12
AT&T Wireless
Number of Wireless Customers 123,900,000
Annual number of Text Messages Sent 931.5 billion
AT&T Network
Miles of Network Fiber owned 883,441
Percent of Rural Households with Wireline Footprint 30%
Number of Metro Areas with 3G Availability 372
Total Internet Data Hosting Centers 38
AT&T Corporate
Total Global Employees 266,590
U.S. Broadband Connection Rank 1
Spent on Minority, Women, and Disabled Veteran, owned suppliers (since 1968) $59 Billion
AT&T Average Salaries
Technical Architect $87,900
Senior Analyst $74,417
Senior Technical Architect $102,330
Senior IT Analyst $74,122
Analyst $65,278
Senior Member of Tech Staff $102,007
Principal Member of Tech Staff $108,081
Retail Sales Consultant-Hourly $13.09/hr
Retail Sales Consultant $35,237
Statistic & Data References
Sources: AT&T, Network World, Glassdoor
Date research was conducted: August 14th, 2015