ATM Machine Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: Lenpenzo, Trends Today
Date Verified: 3.2.2012
ATM Machine Statistics
Total Average of Transactions per ATM Machine900
Average ATM Withdrawal$60
Total Percent Sales will Increase by installing ATM20%
Total Percent more that ATM users will spend than Non-ATM users23%
Average times the typical ATM user will visit an ATM per month7.4
Total Number of ATM Machines currently in use2.2 million
Total Ratio of People per ATM Machine3,000 to 1
Average amount of time a new ATM machine is installed5 minutes
Total Number of ATM Machines per household284
Total Average of Money Dispensed at Night Clubs that stay there75%
Top 5 ATM Owner Statistics
CompanyNumber of ATM’s
Payment Alliance26,000
Bank of America18,426
JP Morgan Chase14,144
Wells Fargo12,.353
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