ATM Machine Statistics
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Source: Lenpenzo, Trends Today
Date Verified: 3.2.2012
ATM Machine Statistics
Total Average of Transactions per ATM Machine 900
Average ATM Withdrawal $60
Total Percent Sales will Increase by installing ATM 20%
Total Percent more that ATM users will spend than Non-ATM users 23%
Average times the typical ATM user will visit an ATM per month 7.4
Total Number of ATM Machines currently in use 2.2 million
Total Ratio of People per ATM Machine 3,000 to 1
Average amount of time a new ATM machine is installed 5 minutes
Total Number of ATM Machines per household 284
Total Average of Money Dispensed at Night Clubs that stay there 75%
Top 5 ATM Owner Statistics
Company Number of ATM’s
Cardtronics 32,856
Payment Alliance 26,000
Bank of America 18,426
JP Morgan Chase 14,144
Wells Fargo 12,.353
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