Airplane Crash Statistics
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Source: Airline Carrier, Plane Crash Report
Research Date: March 24th, 2015

Questions: What percent of plane crashes occur during mid-flight? What is the total number of airplane crash fatalities this year? What are the odds of dying in a plane crash? List of the most recent fatal airline crashes. Statistics on airplane crashes.

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Airplane Crash StatisticsData
Odds of being killed on a single airline flight1 in 29.4 million
Number of fatalities per million flight hours12.25
Survival rate of passengers on a fatal crash24 %
Fatalities by Phase of FlightPercent
Taxi, load/unload, parked, tow0 %
Takeoff16 %
Initial Climb14 %
Climb (flaps up)13 %
Cruise16 %
Descent4 %
Initial Approach12 %
Final Approach13 %
Landing12 %
Most Recent Airline Crashes
Airline FlightDatePhaseFatalities
Germanwings Flight 9525March 24, 2015En Route150
Indonesia Flight 8501Dec 28, 2014En Route162
Air Algerie Flight 5017Jul 24, 2014En Route116
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17Jul 17 2014En Route298
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370Mar 8, 2014En Route239
Tatarstan Airlines Flight 363Nov 17, 2013Landing50
Dana Air Flight 992Jun 3 2012Approach163
Cause of Fatal Airplane CrashesPercent of Crashes
 Pilot Error32 %
 Pilot Error  (weather related)16 %
 Pilot Error (mechanical related)5 %
 Total Pilot Error53 %
 Other Human Error6 %
 Weather12 %
 Mechanical Failure20 %
 Sabotage8 %
 Other Cause1 %
Crashes and Fatalities on Aircrafts with 19 or More Passengers
YearNumber of Fatal CrashesNumber of Fatalities
North American Commerical Airline Accidents
AirlineMillion FlightsFatal EventsLast FatalityAccident Rate
Air Canada 4.37 0 (1983)-537%
AirTran Airways(ValuJet) 2.60 1 1996+75%
Alaska Airines/ Horizon 5.08 1 2000-174%
American Airlines16.5152001+5%
American Eagle / Executive11.1041994-28%
Comair 4.8622006+283%
Continental AL/Cont. Exp. 12.39 4 2009-905%
Delta Airlines 16.03 1 1996-1695%
Hawaiian Airlines1.25 0 None-225%
JetBlue1.62 0 None-262%
Southwest Airlines18.15 0 None-1915%
United Airlines12.87 3 2001-517%
United Express11.50 2 1996-598%
US Airways11.91 3 1994-200%
WestJet1.30 0 None-230%

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