Advertising Agency Industry Statistics

Advertising Agency Statistics Data
U.S. advertising agency annual revenue $48 Billion
Total number employed in the advertising industry 462,300
Average nonsupervisory worker salary $39,000
Agency Revenue by Category  
Advertising 33 %
Direct Marketing and Customer Relation Management 17 %
Digital 14 %
Public Relations 11 %
Promotion 9 %
Media 7 %
Other Billings 9 %
Largest Advertising Agencies  
Omnicom Group Inc. $11.7 Billion
WPP Group PLC. $13.8 Billion
The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. $6 Billion
Young & Rubicam Brands $1.2 Billion
J. Walter Thompson, (JWT) $1.3 Billion
Interesting Advertising Statistics
Coca-Cola spent $11,000 on advertising in 1893; by 1928, its ad budget had grown to $5 million.
Campbell’s Soup spent $4,000 on advertising in 1899 and $2.5 million in 1928.
Wrigley started advertising its chewing gum in 1920 with only $32; 10 years later its ad budget had reached $3 million

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Research Date: March 17th, 2015

Questions: Who are the largest ad advertising agencies? What is the annual revenue for all advertising companies? What is the average employee salary in advertising? Statistics on advertising agencies?