Adoption Statistics
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Source: Adoption USA : National Survey of Adoptive Parents, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Research Date: March 31st, 2015

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting for another and, in so doing, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities, along with filiation, from the biological parent or parents. Questions: how many children are adopted each year? How many children are in foster care? What is the average age for a child being adopted? What percent of foster children get adopted?

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Adoption Type BreakdownPercentNumber
Private domestic adoptions38 %677,000
Foster Care adoptions37 %661,000
International adoptions25 %444,000
Adoptive Family StructurePercent
Married70.2 %
Unmarried Couple1.6 %
Single Female22.7 %
Single Male5.5 %
Adoption ExpensesFosterPrivateInternational
No Cost56 %22 %2 %
$1 – $5,00029 %33 %1 %
$5,000 – $10,0006%13 %5 %
$10,000 +9 %33 %93 %
Reasons for choosing to adoptFosterPrivateInternational
To provide a permanent home for a child86 %70 %90 %
To expand family61 %60 %92 %
Infertility39 %52 %72 %
Wanted sibling for a child24 %16 %36 %
Had adopted child’s siblings11 %7 %N/A
Adoption Type BreakdownPercent
Percent of adopted children that lived with their birth family before adoption43 %
Percent of adopted children adopted by relatives41 %
Percent of all adopted children that are male49 %
Percent of international adopted children that are male33 %
Race Distribution of Adopted Children 
White37 %
Black23 %
Asian15 %
Hispanic15 %
Other9 %
Age Distribution of Adopted Children 
0-26 %
3-49 %
5-930 %
10-1219 %
13-1414 %
15-1723 %
Adoption StatisticsData
Percent of adopted children parents who say they would "definitely" make the same decision to adopt knowing what they know now about their child87 %
Percent of adoptions that are trans racial40 %
Percent of adoptive parents receiving adoption subsidy87 %
Adopted children according to parenting and parent-child measures 
Parent-child relationship "very warm and close"81 %
Parent-child relationship "better than ever expected"42 %
Having children in parent’s life "better than ever expected"51 %
Parent copes "very well" with the demands of parenting53 %
Parent NOT aggravated89 %
Adopted children social and emotional well-beingAdoptedAll Children
Ever diagnosed with depression (age 2+)9 %4 %
Ever diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (age 6+)26 %10 %
Ever diagnosed with behavior conduct problems (age 2+)15 %4 %
Problems with social behaviors (ages 6+)14 %9 %
Exhibits positive social behaviors (ages 6+)88 %94 %
Foster Care Statistics (2010)Data
Total number of children in foster care408,425
Mean age9.4
Median age9.2
Mean length of stay in foster care25.3 Months
Median length of stay in foster care14 Months
Male52 %
Female48 %
Reasons For Exiting Foster Care (2010)PercentNumber
Reunification with Parents or Primary Caretaker51 %128,913
Living with other relative8 %20,423
Adoption21 %52,340
Guardianship6 %16,208
Transfer to Another Agency2 %5,114
Runaway1 %1,504
Death of Child0 %338

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