Statistic Brain Research Institute

Statistic Brain is a group of passionate number people.
We love numbers, their purity, and what they represent.

Numbers can bring humans together, they tell us how we are alike and how we are beautifully unique.
Numbers are a way to reflect on how far we’ve come and give us hope for the future.

Our goal is to bring you accurate and timely statistics.
We will never become number analysts because we believe numbers should only be interpreted by the reader.
We want to educate, assist, and sometimes entertain with numbers on every subject.

Statistic Brain is used by over 3,000,000 people each month to discover more about their world.
We hope that today you learn something new, find inspiration for tomorrow, and use your knowledge for something good.

Statistic Brain Research Institute

Seth Harden
Founder / CEO
Los Angeles, CA
Matthew Fitzgerald
VP of Research
Los Angeles, CA
Nico Morognia
VP Head of European Development
Milan, Italy
Eli Harden
Chief Technical Officer
Sioux Falls, SD
Ron James
Account Manager / Development
Los Angeles, CA
Topher Sevon
VP of Marketing
New York, NY
Lauren Fink
Strategic Legal & Contracts Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
Christopher Eves
Head of Research
San Francisco, CA
Our ENTIRE TEAM of incredible minds and personalities!