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4th of July Statistics

4th of July Activity Statistics Percent of People
Percent of people who attend a fireworks display 63 %
Percent of people who display an American flag 66 %
Percent of people who get together with family 76 %
Percent of people who watch a 4th of July parade 32 %
Percent of people who set off their own fireworks 26 %
Percent of people who attend a barbecue, picnic or cookout 80 %
4th of July Statistics Data
Number of hot dogs consumed on July 4th each year 150,000,000
Percent of all hot dogs produced in the U.S. that come from Iowa 33 %
Amount of chicken purchased in the week leading up to July 4th 700 million pounds
Amount of red meat / pork purchased in the week leading up to July 4th 190 million pounds
Number of people living in America when the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence 2,500,000
Number of people who signed the Declaration of Independence 56
Number of places in the US with "Independence" in their name 11
Annual value of U.S. flags imported from China $5,000,000
4th of July Fireworks Statistics Data
Number of 4th of July fireworks displays 14,000
Value of U.S. manufactures’ shipments of fireworks $231,800,000
Annual value of fireworks imported from China $247,100,000
Statistic & Data References
Sources: Statistic Brain Research Institute, CNN, The Herald Tribune, U.S. Census Bureau
Date research was conducted: July 3rd, 2015