In-App Purchase Revenue Statistics

Annual In-App Purchase Revenue Total Revenue
2017 *Projected $36,887,000,000
2016 $23,771,000,000
2015 $14,001,000,000
2014 $7,856,000,000
2013 $4,591,000,000
2012 $2,111,000,000
2011 $712,000,000
Percent of smartphone users who have made an in-app purchase Percent
2016 91.8 %
2015 89.4 %
2014 85.2 %
Perent of smartphone users who have upgraded from a free app to a paid version Percent
2016 43 %
2015 37 %
2014 34 %
In-App Revenue Source Percent of Revenue
Percent of in-app revenue generated from free apps 88 %
Percent of in-app revenue generated from paid apps 12 %
Average Revenue per Download in the U.S. Average Per Download
Paid only apps $4.00
Paid with in-app purchases $3.79
Free with in-app purchases $2.60
Average Revenue Per Download by Country Average Per Download
Japan $3.05
Germany $1.08
United Kingdom $1.07
United States $1.05
Applications with the highest Average Revenue per Download ARPD
Rage of Bahamut $7.04
Big Fish Casino $6.80
Clash of Clans $4.66
The Hobbit : Kingdoms fo Middle-Earth $4.64
Hay Day $3.29
MARVEL War of Heroes $2.93
TurboTax SnapTax $2.19
The Simpsons : Tapped Out $2.14
Candy Crush $1.14
Total number of apps available by store Number
Apple 1,852,000,000
Google Play 2,125,000,000

A younger audience who has grown up in an increasingly connected and digital world seem to have fewer qualms about buying a purely digital product. So what's an in-app purchase? Just that — a purchase you make inside an app or game after you've already downloaded it from the App Store. Apple requires that you use the in-app purchasing for any digital sales in your app, but you cannot use it for sales of physical goods or non-digital services. Apps that offer alternate payment options for digital products and services are likely to be rejected.

Statistic Verification
Source: Apple, Google, TechCrunch, Vision Mobile
Research Date: June 25th, 2016

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