Number of Jobs in America

See how many jobs have been created in the U.S. since 2000

Cryptocurrency Market Statistics

Gold Mining and Price Data

How much gold is produced every year and what is the value over time.

ISIS & ISIL Soldier Numbers and Data

ADHD Diagnosis by Gender

Percent who have ever been diagnosed with ADHD

Boys Ages 3-17
Girls Ages 3-17

Private Schools Attendance Statistics

What percent of kids attend private schools and what are the benefits.

Stock Market Investing Statistics

Half of Americans aren't investing in the stock market anymore. Here are some reasons why we don't believe in Wall Street anymore.


Which of the following issues should the government create tougher laws on?


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Nuclear Destruction Radius

If North Korea ever decides to send a nuke our way how much destruction could it cause? We've broken down the destruction levels of a nuclear explosion at various distances from ground zero.

Actors Net Worth List

Top 100 Hollywood actors ranked by their net-worth.

Vicodin Use Statistics

Annual number of prescriptions filled. Number of people who use Vicodin non-medically. Annual sales of Hydrocodone in the U.S.