Battery Brand with the Longest Life

Gold Mining and Price Data

How much gold is produced every year and what is the value over time.

Renewable Energy

renewable energy use statistics power

Self Employed

self employed worker statistics

Job Security

About how easy would it be for you to find a job with another employer with approximately the same income and fringe benefits you now have?
Very Easy
Somewhat Easy
Not Easy

Private Schools

IQ by college major test statistics

Nuclear Destruction Radius

If North Korea ever decides to send a nuke our way how much destruction could it cause? We've broken down the destruction levels of a nuclear explosion at various distances from ground zero.


Which of the following do you believe would best stimulate and grow the economy?


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Actors Net Worth List

Top 100 Hollywood actors ranked by their net-worth.

What social network platform has the highest occurrences of cyberbullying and what percent of kids experience bullying while online.

adult crying statistics

Crying Statistics

Why we cry and how we feel after a good long cry...

Minicar Market Share

The Chevrolet Spark, Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi Mirage and Smart Car are all competing for market share in the new Minicar auto segment